Craft centre of dynamic creations, from the manufacturing of both Handmade/ Artistic beads, to Seed/Mechanical Beads.
We are the first entity to manufacture seed beads in Africa. Our handmade beads tell a story about our culture, translating into wares for interior decoration, traditional bead work, embroidery and traditional clothing. We also do corporate gifts.

Visitors can learn about the stories, histories, traditions and myths associated with beads and bead work, embroidery and traditional clothes, as well as about the historical connections with beads as trade goods and Vatsonga people as the trade-middlemen of the ancient East Coast trade networks. Visitors can also interact with the crafters

Contact Details

Contact: Sarah Hlekani Masunga
Telephone: (083) 725 3746
Address: 2443 Aloe Street Burgersfort
Email: sarahmasunga@gmail.com 


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