TAHS-SA is all about using tourism as a vehicle to uplift the community. By harnessing the existing skills within the village, together with relevant training programmes set up by TAHS-SA and sustainable tourism practices, we are able to create a unique tourism offering that is attractive to both the international and local markets. We have completed a number of workshops within the village around sustainable tourism and how the ‘market’ is looking for you authentic travel and connection experiences. Our workshops are focused on giving the community the confidence that they should be proud of their culture and their homes, and give them tools to open up their homes to international and local guests. We have partnered with LEDET and to help us facilitate workshops and communicate the tourism opportunity throughout the village. Although they have not been forthcoming it terms of monetary support, they have been a helping hand in helping us communicate specific messages within the village. We are also trying to source funding to train up local guides so that they have official guiding qualification so that they can be interpreters and flied guides for the homestay experiences.

Secondly, TAHS-SA has registered an NGO – TSHIKALA.org – “meaning opportunity”. Tshikhala’s focus is solely on community development within the village. For every homestay, a percentage of the booking fee is channelled in to Tshikhala. This is not enough for the projects that Tshikhala have on their wish list for the community. We have noticed a real need for all the children in the community to attend school and be educated. This is not happening. A large number of children within the community do not have a South African passport, and as a result they are not allowed to attend school – Governed by our current law. We feel that every child should have the opportunity to learn and has the right to an education. Our hope is to build a skills development centre in the village, not just for the immediate community, but for surrounding villages as well.

Contact Details

Contact: Kylie Henn
Telephone: 079 792 7536
Address: TBC
Email: bookings@tgchomestays.com